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Transit OOH advertising statistics that will change your marketing perspective

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With the rise of the internet and digital marketing, it seems like more traditional advertising strategies have fallen in disgrace, however, some of these still remain as powerful as if they were in their prime. Transit OOH advertising - ads on buses, taxis, planes, and other vehicles - has proved to remain very effective at reaching audiences of all ages and backgrounds. It makes a great opportunity to place ads to families, commuters, students, tourist… the options are enormous.

For those who are not familiar with marketing channels, transit advertising offers two equally effective possibilities: indoors and outdoors.

Indoor transit advertising refers to all kinds of ads located inside the vehicle. Nowadays we can find them in a multiple of means of transport, taxis, underground. And they come in a different variety of formats: posters, audio and screens.

Outdoor advertising refers to all kinds of ads placed on the outside of vehicles and transportation shelters, they can be located either on the sides of the vehicles or on the roof.

They are still very effective thanks to the very powerful impactful nature of large mobile advertising devices, and if your ad is creatively powerful will also increase brand awareness among your target audience. Conversely, it allows you to run campaigns at frequent intervals of time, implementing a more brand recognition by running unfrequent messages.

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#1 - Around 30 million people see an ad on a bus every week(TGI

Transit advertising is especially powerful in urban areas and airports where footfall traffic is very high. It is speacilly effective for local advertisers

#2 - OOH advertising reaches 98% of the UK population (Route)

Transit advertising and other formats of out of home marketing actually can cover most of the country

#3 - 61% of consumers had seen ads on buses within the last 7 days(TGI)

Transit advertising has a high impactful rate and many passers-by remember to have seen ads up to 7 seven after being exposed.

#4 - 29% of adults use buses to commute for a minimum of an hour a week (TGI)

Buses can make a great spot for exterior advertising but they also provide great results when ads are used on their inside element

#5 - 83% say to remember OOH advertising they saw within the last 30 min of going shopping (Outsmart, Window of Influence, 2011)

Using impactful images with limited text create a more lasting memory in the consumer's mind.

#6 - Most UK adults spend 70% of their time out-of-home (Source: TGI)

Most of us spend a lot of time outdoors, which is the main reason why OOH advertising is so relevant, digital does not reach 100%

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