Hi, this is Felix, #1 marketing expert in London. I help bussinesses grow and achive more.

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Expert Marketing Consultant London

Customer capture strategies

Building winning and long terms strategies for businesses.

Hi, I am Felix Garcia. I help businesses to compete like giants by creating strategies to set them apart from their competitors

I am a freelance marketing consultant based in London yet covering the entire UK. Many years of marketing experience and a passion to thrive and stand out in the business have given me a great insight into the marketing trends and customers expectations.

I have worked with companies who struggle to gain more business or their marketing efforts have been dormant for years. I am a specialist in bringing more traffic to your website, therefore, increasing customers and revenue. I am always up to date with marketing trends and the newest technologies that are shaping the future of marketing. I love to work closely with my clients and assist them on all the levels of their business to maximize results.

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Areas of expertise As a marketing consutant, my services range from digital, pay per click to email and strategic plannification.
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Media Outreach

Marketing Consultancy
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SEO Services

Search engine optimisation refers to a series of actions taken on a web page and off it in order to rank it higher on search engines and therefore aiming to increase number of visitors. Any marketing consultant would advice to create a solid and long term SEO strategy as Google ranking factors change regularly. And sometimes so it might be your marketing plan. Either for budgeting reasons, change of executive board, or the failure of the old one. Marketing efforts can change their target audience. If this is the case, then you will be competing with more competition and less volume.

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PPC and Digital Advertising

PPC - pay per click -, PPT - pay per thousand - are the most popular ways of online advertising. As a marketing consultant I find that the most benefitial result of running PPC campaigns is the extra exposure on the search engine results’ pages. Companies usually reduce PPC campaigns once they rank number one. However top 3 search results are PPC ads. Dominating both the organic and paid results will increase traffic, and give the impression that your are an authority, an expert or an institution in your industry.

Digital Advertising
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Conversion Rate Optimisation

In online marketing, conversion rate is the amount of visitors who perform a desired action which is usually a sale or lead. Interestingly, many companies do not have a way to track their conversion or do not have a conversion rate plan in action. However thanks to the internet, conversion measurement has become more straight forward thing. Most marketing experts would work on the basis of your ROI and any marketing effort should try to improving conversion rates using an A/B testing software.

Conversion Rate
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Marketing Consultancy

Creating, developing and optimizing successful marketing campaigns are one of the most powerful tools in generating business, increase brand awareness leads and drive more sales. I have gained many years of expertise in several marketing fields as a marketing consultant, I can help you build successful marketing strategies at a cost-effective price and adjust it to your target audience.

Marketing Consultancy
Most popular marketing products 50% of small and medium businesses invest in the following and similar products
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10X Conversion

Search intelligence is the process of carefully selecting not only the most effective keywords but also those ones that will produce the best results for the nature, budget, and goals of your business

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Double Web Traffic

Increase your brand popularity and grow your business with social media and digital marketing tools such as email marketing, branding and advertising

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Increase Brand Popularity

Thanks to social and influencer marketing building brand awareness nowadays is easier than ever. If you are struggling to gain brand recongnition, I can help you build a solid online reputation

#1 Marketing Expert in London

Is your company offering a unique and interesting proposition?

Pick me! Most of my work processes and project management are orientated to make my work more effective and make the most of your budget.
Search Intelligence

Most of my work processes and project management are orientated to make my work more effective and make the most of your budget

Growth Oriented

Small and medium businesses do not have big budgets. I always ensure to make to most of budgets and return results

Personal Dedication

Hiring a marketing consultant instead of a marketing agency will ensure that you will receive a personal dedication and your business is not just another client in their list

Motto & Drive Agency fees can be enormous and only affordable to top 1% companies in the world. We are a small but effective team that provide the same services without the fancy price tag.


Practical, ethical, futurist, modern, human, original

I believe in serving my clients with the best of my energy, the most of my imagination and the best of my humanity


Build intimate one-to-one human relations

As a consultant, my goal is drive a more human relationships with clients, more of a long-term trusted partnership.


Creativity and effectiveness at consultant prices

Agencies can be very costly and busy serving a multitude of clients, as a marketing consultant, I advocate unique relationships with brands

Companies Some of the companies I have helped and worked for.
  • click chire
  • W Uden
  • Turkey Homes
  • belluccii makeup
  • blockchain mechanica London
Top Services
Search engine optimization & pay per click

PPC and SEO combined are very powerful to create a strong impact

PPC and digital advertising management services
SEO marketing

Unique, Creative

Consultant prices and personal approach

Schedule Consultation As an expert and marketing passionate, we are a small but effective team of marketing consultants that provide the same services as an agency without the fancy price tag.