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Hi, I am Felix Garcia. I help businesses to compete like giants by creating strategies to set them apart from their competitors.

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Creating, developing and optimizing successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns that will empower your company. Start leveraging the power of marketing to acquire more customers and grow your company. Choose a data analytics company that is passionate about numbers and science.

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Branded eCommerce

My main focus is on growth. I always strive to deliver results even with a small budget by using creative marketing methods.

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Platform & Positioning

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Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing

Most of my work processes and project management are orientated to make my work more effective and make the most of your budget.

Conversion Consulting

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Branding Strategy

Hiring a marketing consultant instead of a marketing agency will ensure that you will receive total attention and dedication and your company is not just another client in their list.

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Content Management

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, unlike traditional advertising, is very easy to measure and track. With AI and the As a marketing consultant, what makes it stand out is innovation and creativity. Marketing changes faster and faster nowadays, consumers are flooded with ads, emails, spam and pop up windows. They are all completely over it. That is the reason why innovations play an important role in any effective marketing plan. As a marketing consultant, I consider marketing efforts as an inversion as unlike other financial actions, it has the power to return your investment and in many cases to double it SEO and Web Marketing

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Marketing consulting

If you can not really afford to pay a consultant or an agency, I offer free marketing advice for partners. If you would like to learn more about how to become a partner, please fill out the contact form and mention you want to become partners. If you know someone who is looking for a marketing advisor, please refer them to me or drop their details to me.

As a marketing consultant, creating an effective marketing plan that brings results is one of the most crucial aspects in acquiring new customers. Either for budgeting reasons, change of executive board, or the failure of the old one. Marketing efforts can change their target audience. If this is the case, then you will be competing with more competition and less volume.

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Build a fan base

Once a prospect becomes a customer. It is time to delight by outliving their expectations and going the extra mile. Businesses that are not willing to go the extra mile will have a hard time growing in a competitive field. This delight stage will ensure your customers become fans and refer your company to others. Keep in touch with prospects and potential customers to build rapport and increase trust which will ultimately lead a sale. There are multiple ways of doing so such as emails, CRM tools, offers and custom messages.

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Choose value and passion

Increase your website’s or campaign conversion rate with creative and effective strategies which will make the most of your marketing budget and have an effect over the correct channels with an effective message.

Search Intelligence

Search intelligence is the process of carefully selecting not only the most effective keywords but also those ones that will produce the best results for the nature, budget, and goals of your business.

Freelance consulting

Increase your brand popularity and grow your business with social media and digital marketing tools such as email marketing, branding and advertising. Don’t be left behind by your competition.

Web Traffic

Double your web traffic Increase your brand popularity and grow your business with social media and digital marketing channels such as email marketing, branding and advertising


Due to its very nature, finance requires to store thousands of transactions each day and many times understanding and analysing such huge quantities of data sets could be overwhelming.

Freelance marketing advisor

Mastering marketing campaigns help companies that are looking into launching new products or are aiming to increase their visibility online. I always try to exceed clients´expectations and carefully deliver custom and effective marketing strategies, successfully market a product or company into the market, and ensure to communicate the right business image to customers.

Dominating both the organic and paid results will increase traffic, and give the impression that you are an authority, an expert or an institution in your industry. Grow your company. In online marketing, conversion rate is the number of visitors who perform a particular desired action which is usually a sale or a lead. Interestingly, many companies do not have a way to track their conversion rate or do not have a conversion rate plan in action.

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Inbound Marketing

Many marketers believe that some traditional marketing and advertising strategies are dead, such as cold calling and tv advertising. As a marketing consultant, I can tell that they are definitely far from dead, although they are not as effective as they used to be. The most effective marketing strategy nowadays and probably for the next decades will be inbound marketing. It is about attracting your audience by delivering relevant content or services, rather than dragging them by interrupting advertising or cold calling. It aims to build a long-term growth strategy that will help your company stand out in crowded markets.

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We are optimists who love to work together

Companies are increasing their budget on rich media content like video, audio and images to provide insights and serve customers´needs as inbound marketing is among the top 3 most effective marketing strategies nowadays.

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SEO Expert

Search engine optimisation refers to a series of actions taken on a web page and off it in order to rank it higher on search engines and therefore aiming to increase the number of visitors. Any marketing consultant would advise creating a solid and long term SEO strategy as Google ranking factors change regularly.. Be everywhere with powerful marketing PPC – pay per click -, PPT – pay per thousand – are the most popular ways of online advertising. As a marketing consultant I find that the most beneficial result of running PPC campaigns is the extra exposure on the search engine results’ pages. Companies usually reduce PPC campaigns once they rank number one. However top 3 search results are PPC ads.

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Taking companies to the next level by helping them attract more customers with creative and cost-effective marketing strategies.

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