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Building Strategist to set your out apart from your competitors

A marketing plan is the series of actions to be taken on the digital world in order to help you increase your presence and visibility and online, gain more customers and grow your business. The term strategy might seem excessive or overwhelming however you will need to lay out your efforts and goals carefully and along with your long term branding, a marketing expert could easily help you implement a strategy.

Building up one is difficult and only after some through research and careful planning, you should jump on it. Despite of what many think, only experts or experienced marketer should decide what the final strategy would be.

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Areas of expertise As an expert and marketing passionate, I always hate to have to reduce my services condering how much I love my job. But below I have listed the services that I hire most for.




Building Strategist to set out apart from your competitors

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Expertise and consultancy Services As an expert and marketing passionate, I always hate to have to reduce my services condering how much I love my job. But below I have listed the services that I hire most for.
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    Digital Advertising

    Conducting PPC marketing campaigns online can be particularly valuable and extremely lucrative. Google AdWords results get 65 percentage of the clicks, while organic results only receive 35%.

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    Marketing Strategies

    Adapting the right digital marketing plan to help your business and your grow. Some marketing experts are too focused on research however or is crucial matter to choose the most rewarding and cost-effective approach

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    Planification, strategy and backlinks to build up your organic traffic and rank higher on search engines rankings. You have to bear in mind that Google get over 79% of all traffic, Bing get 7.27, and Yahoo 5.06

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    Blue Ocean Planification

    No expert could have predicted that industry leaders such as Blockbuster, Woolworths, Compaq would disappear. So what's the common thread of these well-established corporations not managing to re-invent themselves as a digital brand?

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    Analytics and consumer data

    Consumer data and analytics must be the foundation when judging a website and company performance and a great indicator of what the immediate course of actions and efforts should be directed to.

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    Conversion Optimization

    The CR optimization study will be growing in the next few years once companies start to realise how beneficial it could. Only 52 percentage of companies test their website and make the necessary changes to improve conversions.

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Search engine optimisation refers to a series of actions taken on the digital world in order to rank higher on search engines and therefore increasing your website traffic. Any marketing expert can say that SEO ranking factors change regularly. And sometimes so it might be your marketing plan. either for budgeting reasons, change of executive board, or the failure of the old one. Marketing efforts can change their target audience. If this is the case, then you will be competing with more competition and less volume. Therefore, all your SEO efforts will now be focusing on the specific audience you want to target. You will need to adjust your SEO efforts to reach your desired conversion..

PPC and paid advertising Marketers are often seen as struggling to review the effectiveness of their campaigns.

PPC - pay per click -, PPT - pay per thousand - are the most popular ways of online advertising. The most obvious benefit of PPC campaigns is that the extra exposure on the search engine results’ pages. Companies usually reduce PPC campaigns once they rank number one. However top 3 search results are ppc ads. Dominating both the organic and paid results will increase traffic, and give the impression that your are the best one, an expert or an institution in your industry. Simultaneously running both SEO and PPC campaigns will provide you double amount of information and data, giving the opportunity of analysing which organic and PPC keywords have the highest conversion, and use that information to optimize your plan.

Improve Conversion Rate

The Big Data phenomenon is happening right now and will prove to be the strongest asset in any marketing campaign.

In online marketing, conversion rate is the amount of visitors who perform a desired action which is usually a sales or lead. Interestingly, many companies do not have a way to track their conversion. However thanks to the internet, conversion measurement has become more straight forward. Most marketing experts would work on the basis of your ROI and any marketing effort should try to improving conversion rates using an A/B testing software.

Expert Strategist

From OCEAN BLUE STRATEGY to applied the most complex marketing strategies.

Blue ocean strategy refers to the simultaneous actions taken in the pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about either creating or capturing virgin market space, making the competition irrelevant. In the so called blue oceans, demand is created instead of fighting over it, allowing a lot of opportunity for growth take place. Therefore competition would become irrelevant. Basically blue ocean strategy is about discovering or reframing a market space, create a new one or reformulating the existing one with your own rules. Companies like Ralph Lauren, canon, Phillips successfully created blue ocean strategic moves, and strategies that enabled them to open up uncontested market space.

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