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SEO training course

Real and effective SEO strategies by an expert

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SEO traning course available for corporations and companies Increasing web traffic has become the number one priority for many companies and for some it is the largest source of revenue and new customers
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SEO Hero

A full day course for your team with unlimited numbers of attendees where I will teach the most effective ranking factors and SEO techniques to make sure your site will rank on the first page of Google.

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SEO Expert

Advanced course where I will cover the basics of SEO as well as the most advanced tips and build a custom strategy for your team to work on it and execute. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Includes basic Google Search Console training.

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SEO Science

Advanced weekend course where advanced practices will be taught. This course is only for those who have a basic knowledge of SEO or have had some exposure.

Some of the topics covered


How to outrank your competitors

I will teach the most important ranking factors and the most effective strategies to rank on the first page of Google.


How to build backlinks

I will show you the most effective backlinking techniques.


Backlink analytics

I will show you how to run a backlink audit on your site and compare it to your competitors.


SEO audits

Learn how to understand an SEO audit and find out what your site's weaknesses are.


Keyword optimization and research

Keywords are the backbone of a great SEO strategy. I will show you how to do keyword research and how to optimize a site to make the most of its content.

Unique value

Effective technique and real life insights

Schedule Consultation As an expert and marketing passionate, we are a small but effective team of marketing consultants that provide the same services as an agency without the fancy price tag.
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