Ronaldo Marketing Strategy - The making of a social media superstar

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Generate attention

Either as a business model or as a marketing strategy, you will want to generate attention to your brand. The Portuguese star along with the Kardashians and many other celebrities has proved to be a master at gaining attention and generate expectation. Ronaldo has been calling attention by years with his remarks, his showing off his ripped body and more. Use what you have at your hands to increase attention to your brand.

Master facing adversity

Cristiano Ronaldo was fined 18 million euro by the Spanish state bar and sentenced to two years of prison for tax fraud. However this was announced during the peak of the World Cup in Russia so it was overshadowed by the football summer fever. It could have made an irreparable damage to his brand and lost many advertising contracts. Learning how to manage a crisis could save your company from a catastrophe.

Social media Marketing

Social marketing has become the hit of this century so far and helped many become rich, famous and build their own brands. We can examples on the YOutube phenomenon, The Kardahians and many other who have found out how to exploit. Social media play a crucial role in the marketing side of almost every business type.

The Portuguese idol has launched a myriad of actions on social networks in search of support for Syrian children, for example, among others that result in one of the most efficient.Ronaldo is also one of the most followed accounts on social media with 113.5 million followers on Facebook and 44 on twitter.

Always seek excellence

Your brand identity is the image your customers have of your business. It is the first impression and first impressions matter. Ronaldo branded himself as CR7 by Nike and his media image has been always consistent: confidence, idol and ambition. These don’t need to be your brand values. However regardless of which ones are, they must show consistency in all your platforms: web, social media, marketing and company culture.

Master the art of marketing and and bold in PR

Needless to say that Ronaldos media image has been very powerful and sometimes controversial, being labelled as arrogant and a show off. This bold attitude gained him more attention then it was balanced with a more humanitarian campaign. A European firm claims that 83% of people worldwide have heard of the Portuguese star.