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Content Marketing

Content marketing is now marketersĀ“ favourite strategy and in the upcoming years, you will see video marketing, tutorials and blogging increasing rapidly, it is especially video marketing which will have a major impact on marketing. Rather than pitching your services to a client, content marketing aims to deliver relevant and useful information to prospects or potential customers to help them solve their problems.

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Social media

Social media - together with search engine marketing - has become one of the main sources of inbound marketing. Firstly Facebook dominated this sector which is currently and slowly switching to Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. If you are looking to boost your social media performance with creative, effective and bold strategies, I am offering social media consulting services.

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Search engine optimization where content is king. Google and other relevant search engines represent in most cases represent the main source of inbound marketing for many businesses. Attracting customer to your site by ranking in the top positions of search results.

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Customer delight

It might sound a bit outside the box because it actually is. But I personally consider that customer experience is one of the most relevant inbound marketing channels. The reason is that if a company fulfils customersĀ“ needs and these are satisfied with the service and product too. They will keep coming and are very likely to recommend your company to others, and this is how the entire customer satisfaction work for attracting more customers.


By delivering relevant and quality content and generating attention your marketing efforts will ultimately attract potential customers. Companies are increasing their budget on rich media content like video, audio and images to provide insights and serve customersĀ“needs as inbound marketing is among the top 3 most effective marketing strategies nowadays.


Once a prospect becomes a customer. It is time to delight by outliving their expectations and going the extra mile. Businesses that are not willing to go the extra mile will have a hard time growing in a competitive field. This delight stage will ensure your customers become fans and refer your company to others. Keep in touch with prospects and potential customers to build rapport and increase trust which will ultimately lead a sale. There are multiple ways of doing so such as emails, CRM tools, offers and custom messages.

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Attract, delight and engange

Pick me! Most of my work processes and project management are orientated to make my work more effective and make the most of your budget.
Search Intelligence

Most of my work processes and project management are orientated to make my work more effective and make the most of your budget

Growth Oriented

Small and medium businesses do not have big budgets. I always ensure to make to most of budgets and return results

Personal Dedication

Hiring a marketing consultant instead of a marketing agency will ensure that you will receive a personal dedication and your business is not just another client in their list

Schedule Consultation As an expert and marketing passionate, we are a small but effective team of marketing consultants that provide the same services as an agency without the fancy price tag.
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