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YouTube Demographic Statistics 2018

Since it was launched in 2005, Youtube has travelled a long way to become what it is to video nowadays. 300 hours of video are being uploaded every hour to YouTube and around 5 million videos are watched on Youtube daily. We all know Youtube is the giant of the open source video streaming industry, it is to video what Google has become for search. But as a marketer, you need to understand the Youtube audience in order to come up with the best strategy. In the graph below, I have approached the Youtube penetration rate by age range.

# There are 1.9 billion active monthly users on Youtube

# 62% of users are males

# according to comScore data, there are around 400k views aged 25-34 years old, followed by 350k viewers of 35-44

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# 80% of YouTube users come from outside the U.S.

# 2/3rds of Millennials prefer YouTube over traditional video broadcasting

# 300.000 Youtube Premium subscribers

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