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WordPress Optimization that will improve your SEO

WordPress runs millions of website across the globe. If you are wordpress site owner, improving your marketing and SEO should be a must. Below I have listed all the actions you can take to improve your rankings and web’s performance with the best plugins and without knowing coding or advanced marketing skills.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are several “all-in-one” SEO plugins, but let’s say this is the best or at least the one we like the most. WordPress SEO allows you to edit the meta-tags of each of the posts and pages on your website, including the front page and the post page as well. But the most important thing is not only that but all the details and information that it offers you.

When you are writing a text in WordPress, it offers you a whole series of indications to improve the SEO of your website. For example, regarding the density of keywords, the use of images, the use of subtitles “h2”, and so on.

2. All in one SEO

There is also a well-known plugin that works practically the same as WordPress SEO. It is the All in one SEO pack. You do not have to use both, it is enough that you stay with the one you like the most.

Personally, we prefer WordPress SEO by Yoast and it is the one we are using in this blog. But with All in One SEO you can also know if you have repeated the keyword enough times and other important aspects for the internal optimization of a post or page in WordPress.

3. W3 Total Cache

It is a plugin whose function is to optimize the gzip compression of your website, thus improving its performance. According to, ( wordpress maintenance company ), W3 Total Caché is a plugin that allows you to reduce the loading time of the website, which facilitates both the user experience and the technical SEO of your page.

By creating a cache, the browser loads the web faster. It removes unnecessary CSS data and reduces the size of HTML, JS and feed files by around 10%, which helps improve page performance.

It is important to note that this plugin is not only good for SEO, but also for user experience. By improving the loading speed of your site, you are helping to improve conversions as well.

4. WP optimize

It is another plugin that can affect the loading speed on our website. Specifically, it works on the database. WP-Optimize cleans our WordPress database safely, removing all the useless data that slows down page loading.

For example, spam or unapproved trackbacks and comments, which take up space and influence poor site performance. In addition, it makes MySQL tables more compact and eliminates all unusable information.

5. Broken Link Checker

Another very useful WordPress plugin is the Broken Link Checker. As its name suggests, its function is to check for broken links on your website.

Broken links are bad for both SEO and users. These are links that do not lead anywhere, they go to a page that no longer exists. Search engines tend to consider sites with a lot of broken links as spam pages, so it is especially important to be very aware of links that no longer work.

Checking all the broken links on your own can be crazy. If you remember, we already talked once in this blog about why to remove broken links and spam from your website

6. BJ Lazy Load

We all know that images are often to blame for our page not loading fast enough. BJ Lazy Load ensures that the images are only loaded when the user moves to the place where they are. In this way, when we enter the URL, the entire page will not have to be loaded in one go, making the user wait.

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