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Web traffic: the three main sources

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Web traffic refers to the number of sessions or users are driven to your site. There are three different types of visitors: new users, sessions, and users. Depending on the nature of your business, there would, sessions, new users or users might be the most important factor for your. Web traffic has the main 3 sources:

Organic traffic this refers to the number of visitors that come to the website from the search result page. Every time someone types in a search and scroll to your website position on the page and clicks on it counts as an organic visitor.

Referral traffic applies to the number of people visiting your website because they accessed it from a non-paid and non-organic search resutls - called a referral. The most popular referral sources are social media (Facebook, LinkedIn...), business directories or listings such as Yell.

Direct it refers to the number of people who land on your site by just typing in their browser your company’s URL.

A web traffic agency or consultant would help you set up an active digital marketing plan that suits your company needs.

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