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Types of online advertising formats

Back in the 50’s advertising was more straightforward and was mainly comprised of direct mail, tv and radio commercials.

As marketing consumer strategies have become more competitive and creative, marketers are looking for new strategies to engage customers and drive attention to brands. In the technological revolution, digital media play a crucial role in advertising and marketers strive to find untapped effective digital channels.

Digital advertising has become one of the strongest marketing assets of recent times. It mainly refers to all promotional, advertising and marketing activities that employ one or more digital channels. Mainly, pay per click, email marketing, and social media. Let’s start with pay per click, if you are unfamiliar with the term, it means any advertising spot online that is billed by click, every time a visitor clicks on an ad, a cost is deducted from the advertiser’s account.

There are several ways of paid advertising, CPM – cost per thousand impressions, CPA – cost per acquisition – costs are estimated by customer’s online purchases.

In regards to social media, these networks are already intrinsically of self-promotion without a cost besides this, most of the platforms offer a paid version to expand the reach of your brand. It is becoming a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing is very well as we all have received commercial emails in our inbox. Not related directly to pay per click, it could be very effective to keep customers up to date on promotions and latest products.

It has become increasingly more complicated nowadays with new GDPR regulations. But if done right, it helps to build customer loyalty.

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