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Traditional Marketing Examples (Stats & Graphs)

Traditional marketing as it is known nowadays, it really refers to non-digital marketing strategies. Due to modern digital technologies, people have started to divide marketing into two different main branches: digital and non-digital or traditional.

Although in truth, traditional marketing and digital marketing are differentiating terms, they both are just marketing.

I have listed below for you, the so-called traditional marketing examples and have outlined their current effectiveness and statistics for you to have a deeper understanding of how to use those.

Traditional marketing is still very effective and it should not be discarded as obsolete. It should be implemented together with different digital marketing channels.

Traditional marketing examples

  • 1. Direct Mail Marketing
  • 2. Print Marketing
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Monthly and weekly publications
  • 2. Broadcast or TV Marketing
    • Radio
    • Television
  • 3. OOH Marketing: signages, billboards, buses, transit
    • Billboards
    • Bus advertising
    • Street furniture: bus stops. benches…
    • Airplanes and air balloons
    • Cabs
  • 4. Sales Force: face to face/one-to-one marketing
    • Phone Calls
    • Events
    • Meetings
    • One to one sales

1. Direct Mail Marketing. How to go beyond email marketing

traditional marketing examples

Direct mail as its name suggests involves reaching out to the potential customers via post mail which can take several formats such as letters, catalogues and flyers.

Direct mail marketing has been used to build brand awareness and customer loyalty for many years and it is still in use.

One of the downsides of direct mail is the fact that it can be costly as it requires design, buying addresses as well as postage expense.

Usually, direct mail prices start at 0.3-0.4 pence per letter, design and address are not included. If you do not have a database with addresses of potential buyers, you might need to purchase one.

# 70 per cent of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet
Statistic – Fact

For quite some time called snail mail, direct mail is popular again. Nowadays it has been more useful than ever before and revealing an average engagement rate higher than usual.

Mainly used to build brand recall and as an alternative way to email marketing, direct mail is more effective when plan creatively and approach personally as personalized messages create a more impactful impression on consumers.

Mail advertising could work very well for local businesses who are unable to run TV advertising campaigns and their audience is not as easy to catch online.

Mail is very effective at building brand recognition within a local area as it might come up as a second option for big brands. However, it is hard to measure its results.

2. Print Marketing

Print advertising is seen mostly in newspapers and magazines although it has gone down due to the rise of the internet.

It is still widely used and surprisingly has increased its effectiveness.

Print is definitely not death although it is undergoing many changes and disruptions, newspaper and print media are becoming digital which is a more trackable and precise way of advertising.

  1. Pros
  2. Mass marketing. Print marketing allows advertisers to reach large numbers of people through mass production media
  3. Niche approach. It is very convenient to reach out to specific audiences such as women or car enthusiast, via magazines that are addressed to such consumers.
# 56% of customers perceived print marketing as the most trustworthy amongst other avenues of marketing. (AllianceBusinessServices)
Statistic – Fact

Why is print so popular again in spite of the fact that digital is taking over almost any other marketing channel?

Consumers perceived as more trustworthy than digital sources where there are more fake companies, ads and spammers.

Print mail is more reliable and genuine as it is harder to fake.

2. Broadcast or TV Marketing

Radio and television have been slowly replaced by podcast and online streaming services.

Although both media still have a strong presence and influence especially among elderly people, the digital world is clearly disrupting radio and television advertising dominance.

Traditionally the most powerful advertising channels, broadcast marketing can reach a large audience and increase brand awareness.

Television allows advertisers to create more realistic and impactful commercials thanks to the ability to showcase products visually and demonstrating how they work.

On the other hand, radio messages have a shorter life span and limited to a voice message. In general, they both are more expensive than other alternative methods.

traditional marketing statistics

While digital video has an expected growth of 6-8% each year according to eMarketer, traditional TV advertising will be shrinking slightly each year, this downward trend could be more drastic than what the graphic above shows.

3. OOH Marketing: signages, billboards, buses, transit

Signage, city OOH advertising as its name suggests involves all the advertising which consumers are exposed to outdoors: billboards, street furniture (bus stops…), transit advertising (cabs, buses and others), ambience advertising or guerrilla (which seeks to exploit any non-commercial spaces to advertising on the street).

OOH advertising is changing rapidly as billboards and transit advertising is becoming more and more digital by switching from boring static large-sized banners.

OOH traditional advertising emphasis more on images than words as a way to send a message to consumers

# 61% of consumers had seen ads on buses within the last 7 days(TGI)
Statistic – Fact

Believe it or not, OOH advertising has been growing faster than TV advertising over last few years.

As the digital world and online marketing are taking over most of the traditional marketing channels, for some reason, OOH is still in a good shape and expecting to grow within the next few years.

Type of out-of-home advertising

To many people, when they hear for the first time about OOH advertising, they are confused, mainly because of the initials by which it commonly referred however it is very simple, as it comprises most of the advertising space you see when you are outdoors.

It can take some many different forms such as bus banners, air balloons and aeroplanes, that is why it can be a bit confusing.

I am going to make an attempt to list the major out-of-home advertising formats: buses, taxies and other vehicles, street furniture (benches, bus stops, clocks, bins and signage…), air balloons, aeroplanes, stadiums, billboards, construction banners.

I will help you conquer new markets

    4. Sales Force: face to face/one-to-one marketing

    Salesforce has been around for ages and comes in multiple forms: networking, cold calling, event marketing…

    This method relies on and leverages the power of human interaction and works wonders when it comes to closing seals as the human factors add more trust and warmth to the transaction.

    4.1. Event marketing

    Event marketing is currently very trendy due to its high effectiveness rate. It has changed slightly from the old way of doing event marketing and its modern approach is now about generating buzz and excitement.

    Event marketing when done right is great at creating impactful experiences on consumers and building brand awareness. If you are in the B2B, it works very well when combined with networking.

    # 70% of attendees turn into customers after taking part in an experiential marketing event (EMI & Mosaic, 2016)
    Statistic – Fact

    When it comes to planning your event marketing, it is important to understand what your audience is expecting and how to generate hype around your brand accordingly.

    For an event marketing experience to be engaging, you must understand your attendee and go the extra mile to stun them.

    4.2. Telemarketing

    Telemarketing has two different approaches: inbound and outbound – cold calling. Telemarketing used to be very powerful years ago but consumers are now very sceptical to telemarketing due to its bad reputation as a scamming method.

    Cold-call telemarketing involves prospecting, contacting, qualifying and canvassing potential customers over the phone.

    Telemarketing is still much alive though and it is much effective at closing sales than any other sales funnels according to MarketingProfs, ´this has the most critical B2B lead generation strategy which even beats CRM systems hollow´.

    # The best time to cold call is between 4:00 and 5:00 PM
    Statistic – Fact

    Inbound telemarketing involves consumers to make the first contact. Telemarketing has multiple uses other than direct selling, it can be employed to promote products or services, gather information, generate leads, and carry out surveys.

    5. What are the examples of traditional marketing which are still relevant and effective?

    Contrary to what many believe, traditional marketing is far from dead and still can deliver great results. I have listed below examples of traditional marketing tactics which still deliver great ROI.

    Evidently some traditional marketing channels are more relevant today than others, but traditional marketing as it has been labelled, it was just marketing before the internet, so most channels are still quite effective.

    However, depending on the nature of your business, some could be more appropriate for your purposes.

    Face-to-Face Meetings

    Face-to-face meetings are one of the best ways to network and successfully sell something. This might not come across as an advertising format at first but the truth of the matter is that whatever sells belongs to advertising and marketing.

    Meetings are very effective as unlike other formats, it allows individuals to build rapport, communicate their ideas more effectively and ultimately understand better how fruitful their business relationship could be.

    95% of executives believe that face-to-face meetings are crucial to develop successful business relationships
    Statistic – Fact
    Phone Calls

    Phone call, telemarketing, phone research works. Cold calling used to be very popular during the 80s and 90s.

    However, due to the number of scammers that leverage this channel to take advantage of naive individuals, it fell in disgrace reasonably.

    When I say cold calling, I do not mean aggressively and cunningly try to sell people services of poor or little value to them, what I actually mean is to kickstart a relationship with an individual to use the phone to let consumers about your services, offer value and eventually develop a fruitful relationship.

    traditional marketing statistics
    Around 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls to get to meet the prospect
    Statistic – Fact
    Print Advertisements

    Print media and magazine industry has struggled over the last two decades as the rise of the internet has dragged a lot of consumers to digital formats which eventually open doors to other small blogs and magazines to compete.

    Even so, print advertising has a good reputation among consumers and can be optimal for national brands to advertise their products.

    traditional marketing examples
    Direct Mail

    As old school as it might seem, direct mail works today. It is still very relevant and it enjoys a good reputation unlike other digital formats such email (rather seen as spam for consumers).

    Direct mail opening rate is very high and individuals still have a positive perception of this channel. It could be very beneficial to build consumer loyalty, brand awareness for local businesses.

    To 56% of the population, print marketing is the most trusted media
    Statistic – Fact

    Networking is very effective. It is more real, genuine and human than other promotional channels.

    It can help develop long and fruitful business relationships without the need of spending a fortune on advertising slots. However, networking can be very time consuming.

    For companies that sell B2B products, networking and events could deliver exceptional results when doing right.

    traditional marketing examples
    Just 11 per cent of LinkedIn users have a network with over 100 users
    Statistic – Fact
    A full brief explanation of traditional marketing examples
    Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

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