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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Hubs

Needless to say that influencer marketing is reaching its peak, brands have discovered an affordable way to pitch their products and reach their audiences in a smoother way and communicating they are close to their clients. With the rise of influencers, automated platforms and hubs come up. But which one of these is best and more effective for your goals? Below we have listed the top 10 best influencer marketing platforms:

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Aspire IQ

As many digital platforms, Aspira IQ offers three different premium valued packages: basic, pro and enterprise for agencies or large companies. With hundreds of influencers from all over the world, it comes with tools to help with every stage of an influencer campaign. It possesses a large database of influencers powered by an algorithm to discover large amounts of social media information to find the right influencer for campaigns.

influencer platforms


Hypr, one of the pioneers in the influencer marketing industry.Much like Aspire IQ, it helps to find the right influencers for brands and marketing campaigns. This one offers a wider range of possibilities with 6 different packages to choose from. According to themselves, they have the world’s largest and smartest influencer discovery directory.

Neo Reach

Neo Reach a self-service influencer marketing management tool connects brands and influencers, with two different sections: one for influencers and agencies. Unlike other platforms, they do offer managed solutions for those companies that do not have the time to do influencer marketing by themselves. Along with this, they do influencer marketing, cross channel analysis, and consumer analytics. They only offer two possible solutions for companies: entry and enterprise.

influencer platforms upfluence


Upfluence is a leading influencer platform that comes with a sweet price tag too as prices start at 700 a month. It helps you analyze your influencer marketing campaign with its analytics tools and influencer database. It comes with three different tools: influencer manager, analytics, and search. With a database of over a million influencer and real-time data updates, it is one the most powerful software in the market.


It is a single influencer discovery platform, management, and data analysis to help expand and escalate influencer campaigns faster and more effectively. It provides a very powerful discovery network that helps brands to find new influencer opportunities.

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