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Technical SEO, what is it and what involves

Technical SEO usually involves multiple changes into your HTML, CSS, files and server changes. Below I have listed the typical technical SEO issues that most of the websites suffer from.


AMP, accelerated mobile pages, is Google largest bid on mobile site optimization. Google wants to deliver faster loading experience to mobile users and have developed.


Redirection is utilized to guarantee clients are served the most fitting substance for them, which could be contextualized for their area, language or gadget.

Speed optimization

Reducing the loading time of a web page is a very important ranking factor. Usually, it requires to reduce server response and optimize image among many others. Speed site optimization is one of the main goals of technical SEO.


Canonicalization is the process of selecting the canonical URL to feed it to search engines. Some CMS come with plugins in order to mechanize these jobs. Otherwise, manual canonicalization can be a very long and repetitive task, it would be more effective to hire a developer to implement an automated system.

HTML markup improvement

It involves multiple factors such as reducing excessive HTML elements, adding Open Graph cards, language tags, schema org mark-up, and many others. HTML can be improved to give explicit data to web crawlers. This markup is needed substance designed getting it done.

JS and CSS minification

Reduce the size of js and CSS files can help you reduce loading speed and help with rankings. There are several services that can reduce the size of your files although if you need to be familiar with web development to then upload or replace the old files.

Leverage cache browsing

Leveraging cache browsing will help regular users to load your website faster. By doing so, you tell users browsers to previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network. For this, you will need server-side web development knowledge.

Before implementing any changes on your website, always get an SEO consultant to supervise it to prevent your rankings from being affected.

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