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SEO and SEM, what are they?

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Search engine optimization is one of those factors that are in the mouth of small every nowadays, the ability Google has to drive business to those search results in the engine is incredible. Most of the big companies have a whole entire team dedicated to optimizing their web pages to rank high on Google and all major search engines to capture as much organic traffic as possible.

Small and medium businesses are also joining the SEO run. Around 29% of small businesses are switching their marketing budget from traditional means to digital marketing. SEO, pay per click and social media are becoming the main sources of customer capture while people are switching from TV, radio, and paper to its online versions. Search engine marketing refers to all the actions taken to improve a website’s organic ranking results along with a PPC campaign to maximize your success on search engines.

If you do not have an SEO strategy in place at the moment, you should start thinking about having one before it is too late.

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