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Creative real estate marketing strategies examples

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The real estate industry is very competitive and in an overcrowded market, developing an effective business strategy could be a matter of succeeding in business. In such circumstances, it is crucial to build effective and creative marketing strategies that help your business grow as well as staying competitive. Below I have listed all the effective and uptodate marketing strategies that will help you both grow your agency and gain your place in the market. But before you dive into these, I am going to outline two concepts that are very important when it comes to business development. Because if you want ideas for marketing your real estate agency better then your competitors then you have to follow one of the two following premises: do things differently than your competitors, do things better than your competitors.

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Best creative real estate marketing strategies in 2019

1. Remarketing

If you are advertising remarketing is a must. Remarketing refers to the strategy of showing ads to users who have visited a site or sites. Every time a user visits your site, you should retarget them with ads that show a relevant and attractive proposition. For example, Facebook allows you with its pixel graph to show ads to users that have visited your site. Take this opportunity to get their attention with a creative ad. Most advertising platforms allow you to do that. Google has its own section where you can also target your competitors' visitors to show them your ads.

2. Start a video marketing

Video marketing is nowadays one of the most effective marketing tools thanks to its high engagement rate. By combining images, videos, music and voice, video is more communicative than any other format and more powerful to create impact on consumers. Therefore any brand that aims to go big must have a video marketing strategy. By using video to showcase your properties, you might give your properties higher chances of being sold. According to Bold, real estate properties with video get 403% more inquiries. Below I have listed the most effective ways of using video to boost your property sales and build agency awareness:

  1. 2.1. Property Showcase
  2. 2.2. Info videos on how to get a mortgage…
  3. 2.3. Rich and famous property analyst six
  4. 2.4. Home extensions showcases
  5. 2.5. Client testimonial video
  6. 2.6. Community event video
  7. 2.7. Shareworthy social video

Create good quality videos for social media can help you quickly build a name within your community. Social media videos can be very powerful and spread quickly, currently there is still lots of opportunities to attract customers through social video.

3. Find the best niche for your agency

Markets are saturated with lots of companies, brands and products. By competing with them, you might find a hard time. There are many niche opportunities that could help you grow your agency much faster and easier especially during the first years. Many agencies are experts in some of the stages of selling a property (such as finding the right market), others look to find a niche where there is less competition and become a leader in that particular niche. Some real estate agencies have reduced their markets by focusing on specific geographical areas or type of property. There are multiple niche opportunities, just choose the one that suits your business best. Below I have listed the best niche opportunities in 2019:

beach house marketing

3.1 Holiday homes

Holiday and rental home demand are expected to rise within the next few years as travelling two or three times a year has become part of our regular live styles. Positioning your agency in the holiday home market before it becomes overcrowded would help you grow it faster.

3.2. Homes for singles

There are more singles now than 50 years ago and there are over 9 millions single people in America. Single houses often differ from a traditional family as their needs and requirements are different. Serving singles group could help you stand out in the market.

3.3. Condominium buyers and sellers

Condominiums are more used as holiday homes. Often owners want to rent their properties while they are not using them and sales of this type of properties are more of them than any others So there is a really active market for both renting and selling.

4. Advertising

Start both Google and Facebook PPC campaigns. These can be very cost effective, easy to measure and if your return on investment is positive, they can be very lucrative. There are multiple ways you can do this from email marketing to pay per click and social media. It is important to understand how these platforms work or get ppc consultant.

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4.1. Social Paid

Social such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram can be very cost effective ways to attract visitors to your site and build brand recognition. I would strongly recommend you to run a local Facebook ad campaign to build brand recognition in your area. This can be very effective and its return on invest can be really good.

4.2. Google ads

Google can be a bit expensive. For real estate agencies would help better by developing brand awareness. Ppc campaigns are rather complex and would take quite some time to actually create an effective one. If you need any help setting up your PPC campaign, please contact me, I am an expert digital marketer with experience within the real estate industry.

5. Sponsors

Sponsorships have always been a great way to build brand recognition. As you can see, corporations are still using it when they are trying to start a new market. For example Rakuten sponsors Barcelona in anatempet to open up European markets. For real estate agencies, it doesn’t really need to be that big, you can sponsor local teams or organisations in your area to help boost your agency. Below I have listed some of the most effective sporsonship options

5.1. Local team sponsorship

Find a local team that might have some reputation in your area and offer them to sponsor. You can also find really small teams and offer to pay half the money of their shirts.

5.2. Stadium sponsorship

Buy a spot in one of the small local sports fields. Sponsor the name of the local stadium or a small community sports centre. The options are almost unlimited, get creative and original, this way, you might get better roí. You might want to contact your local council and see if you can sponsorship any of their sports facilities.


5.3. Event sponsorship

Local event sponsorships can become a very cost-effective way to grow your brand name within your community. Find events you can sponsor and have a wide exposure to audience. You can sponsor local or national events such as cook-off, sports events of any sort. Conferences and music events are always great options to put your brand name out there and gain recognition. Go to meet-up or event brite and find events that would suit your audience, you might find really good deals.

6. Partner with an organization

Partnerships are always strong and cost-effective. By referring your customers to your partner business and vice-versa you can increase the number of potential buyers notably.

  1. 6.1. Dry cleaning partnership
  2. 6.2. Partner with a dry cleaning to
  3. 6.3. With a local pub
  4. 6.4. Gym partner

7. Market to millennials

Millennials are mainly driven by experiences, so understanding how to market to them would really be crucial in standing out in the future.

If millennials are driven by experiences, then do not sell properties, sell experiences. Turn your properties into more than that, that should aim to make feel buyers special. Market your portfolio as more than a property, a dream home where dreams come true….

8. Slogan

Slogans seem like something from the past, outdated, back from the radio times. But slogans are very powerful and effective if done right. By choosing a creative slogan that your company stands for, you will multiply the chances of being remembered by your audience. Funny slogans such as Real Estate. Real houses. This is just an example but it gives you an idea. For a slogan to be effective, every time someone mentions your company, they should follow by saying it. It has to be memorable, differentiate your company and create a positive feeling. Think about how much just do it has done for Nike. This is probably the most famous and heard slogan of all time. And it has helped Nike to grow and established itself in the market. Another example of master slogan use is MasterCard: there are something money can’t buy MasterCard made themselves very famous years ago with their famous slogan. Imagine how much it can have helped the American corporation grow.


9. Referral programs

Think of why buyers should come to you rather than going with your competitors. To make it simple for you. Choose a slogan that represents your company and makes you stand out in an over-crowded market.

10. Billboards

If you can afford to place your ads on your city billboards, that would be a great opportunity to build brand awareness. Although this practice can be very expensive and it is almost impossible to measure its performance unless you ask your customers individually where they heard from you.


11. Mail marketing

Mail marketing is still effective, unlike email marketing is more reliable so customers trust it more, it can be a little bit more expensive that emai marketing but it is still very relevant to the real estate industry. To make it more effective ensure your campaign is creative, offers a unique and valueable sales proposition and is personally. If you are like and love going above and beyond, you can tailor your messages and offers for different audicence segments.

12. Branding yourself

To understand whether your agency’s branding works or not, you must do the 5 word test. If customers cant define your agency with 5 words, that means they don’t understand the difference between your agency and any other one and they will not have a reason to choose yours over others. Think about the most successful companies. They all stand out for something. Coca Cola the best selling soft drink, apple computers slickest and fastest, thinnest… Chanel, luxury for 1% of women. Invest on branding heavily would be very helpful to stand out on a crowded market. Surprisingly many real estate agencies will not be able to define their business model or what makes them different. Being another real estate company will not help you. Examples of branding real estate ideas

  1. No fee real estate
  2. 100% sale in the first 3 months
  3. Lowest prices
  4. Luxury property
  5. Trusted and reputable

I guarantee that if you follow at least 3 or 4 of these strategies and market yourself extensively, you will definitely grow your business. If you need help executing these tactics effectively, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have extensive experience as a real estate marketing consultant.

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