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PPC and SEO Statistics 2019 to drive your marketing campaign

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SEO and PPC have become some of the most important marketing channel currently. To actually get great results in PPC and SEO is important to run A/B tests, to have a good amount of experience using PPC platforms to understand both its best practices and to understand how consumers respond to them. Along with these, you must consider campaign and market data, statistics and relevant information as these take a vital role when planning your digital advertising campaign. A powerful campaign should always be driven by data and build with creativity and customer intent in mind. In my experience to create the perfect SEO and PPC campaign you need to combine the following factors in the right amount:

  1. Creativity
  2. Ambition
  3. Data analysis
  4. Customer behaviour
  5. Boldness

A campaign that lacks the right amount of boldness, let's say, will not be intrepid enough to find the best converting keywords or headlines. I certainly can´t teach you creativity in an article although I have gathered all the most relevant statistics and data related to PPC and SEO consumers behaviour to make sure you can make the best possible choice. Start understanding what your campaing’s data means, be ambitious and aim big, give a creative and original spark to your ad headlines, and your campaign will be very effective.

In recent times we have seen how many independent workers started to freelance or their own consultancy firm. This is somehow due to the fact that many corporations are changing the way they hire, instead of requiring permanent employees, some project or due to the nature of some of the projects, these companies need an expert skilled worker for a set period of time which could be from 3 months up to several years.

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Top PPC statistics to take into account before planning your campaign

I have selected the most relevant statistics that will give you a better understanding of how consumers respond to PPC and will help you make the most of your campaign.

#1. Only 1% of consumers actually have a negative appreciation of PPC advertisement

Google is all about quality. After all, the American giant is a search engine whose main service is to deliver search results and they want to make sure that those results are quality and tailored to users intent, and ads delivered to users are relevant to their search. That is why their algorithm is becoming harder and harder to crack and they have started to use AI to delivered custom ads and results to each user.

#2. Around 86% of consumers use the internet to find local services or businesses

Internet is all about global instant access, yet local search is very big in Google, consumers´ main search intent is local and the Palo Alto corporation knows it. Local SEO services are on high demand these days too as more and more small-medium businesses are aware of its importance in succeeding in the modern digital economy.

#3. Remarketing increases conversion by 70%

Remarketing, remarketing, remarketing. Remarketing is a must these days. There are different targeting options of remarketing: retargeting to your own web visitors, to your competitor´s visitors and to any other relevant site. It is becoming a very extensive practice among marketers nowadays due to its effectiveness and affordability. PPC visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert as opposed to non-retargeted ones. Remarketing is effective because an average consumer sees your site or business seven to eight times before converting. Just be aware this strategy is being used by almost every single agency these days and might be losing effectiveness at the time of reading this.

#4. PPC leads bring approximately 50% more conversions than clicks coming from organic results

SEO and PPC are among the top two channels to maximize your return on investment in digital marketing followed by email marketing and social media. Both PPC and SEO provide easy to measure metrics to determine whether your ROI is positive. Finally, search engine optimization services are the most profitable marketing services as it has the highest return on investment.

#5. 46% of internet users don´t know the difference between Pay Per Click ads and organic search results

app time versus browser time spent by users

#6. 46% of all clicks go to the top 3 paid ads

This is not any marketing secret: around half of the clicks resulting from search queries go to the top three results in Google which are most of the times occupied by paid ads. As you go along the page, the chances a user will click on your site will shrink notably. The 7th organic search result will approximately have less than 10% of all the clicks.

#7. Retail, education and publishing are the biggest spenders on PPC

We all assume retail would be the biggest spender in PPC but education and publishing might not have come across so obvious. Financial products follow this classification and at the bottom, we can find home improvement, consumables and automotive as the least spending industries in PPC.

#8. 65% of all clicks made by users who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads

When building your digital marketing strategy, keep this in mind: PPC consumers have a higher purchase intent than the ones who click on the organic results. This alone is the main reason why I always encourage my clients to invest in PPC advertising.

#9. Over 40% of customers will research online on their phones when they are at the store

I know, right? Well, this means there is a lot of potential too. If consumers are looking for alternative products or to educate themselves on a particular product, that gives you a crucial piece of information about how modern customers purchase and what to do to attract them. Educating customers on products and an effective combination of both a digital and sale funnels appear to be the major force that will drive future marketing strategies.

#10. Paid search ads increase brand awareness by 80%

PPC might not help you convert every single visitor but it does deliver on brand awareness. PPC could make a great and cost-effective way to achieve your sales targets. Social media, influencer marketing and PPC are very powerful options to run a successful brand awareness campaign which could at the same time be very cost effective.

#11. 43% of new customers make their first purchase after watching a YouTube ad

YouTube is very powerful at driving sales when it comes to bringing new customers. Reviews, unboxing, and influencers can become as effective these days too. Thus many modern digital funnels include online reviews, social media, pay per click and influencers’ marketing. If you are thinking about running your own YouTube ads, take in mind that this could be quite affordable as an ad campaign usually costs around 0.1$ - 0.3$ per view.

#12. 70% of mobile searchers will end up calling directly call a business over their phone

consumers trust score on online reviews

#13. In 2015, mobile searches exceeded desktop ones

Back in 2015, mobile phones have won to desktop the battle over internet dominance, however, the end of the war is far from over as many might argue about the quality of these leads.

#14. 40% of ecommerce sales during holidays in 2018 were purchase via a mobile phone

Mobile ecommerce is getting bigger, as technology advances and payment gateways are safer and easier to use, the number of mobile consumers is growing. It is very important your site is mobile friendly and your payment system is fast and secure. To boost your sales, you can try google shopping which is a very cost effective way of driving sales.

#14. Average CTR on Google Ads is 3.17% and 0.46% on the display network

average CTR in Google Ads by Wordstream

average cost per click

Although from my experience cost per click on search network campaign is much higher, the stats seem to state something different. All in all, the most important factor in any PPC campaign is cost-per-acquisition or ROI (return on investment).

SEO statistics that will help you build killer strategies

Below I have listed the most relevant SEO statistics to help you shape both your pay per click and search engine strategies. SEO is continuously changing although there is something that will remain the same for a long time: Google always pushes= authority pages to the top results.

#15. 67k searches are performed on Google per second

Google leads the search engine marketing in the Western countries followed by Bing which merged with Yahoo in an attempt to defeat Google. We do not know how many searches Baidu, the Chinese Google, serves currently daily but I bet the amount is huge although it is still far from reaching Google’s figures.

#16. 39% of all e-commerce traffic starts with a Google search

Social media and brand awareness represent the top channels for most e-commerce stores. PPC and SEO combined with a social media strategy are proved to be the most effective way to increase brand awareness and sales.

#17. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine

Internet is not only a great source to increase the number of visitors to your site but also a great channel to build brand awareness. And Google can become a great channel to build brand awareness and start a digital sales funnel. When use in combination with remarketing and social media marketing, it is one of the most powerful and effective ways to increase brand recognition these days.

#18. Voice search will account for half of all the searches by 2020

Voice search has notably increased over the last 4 years and if it continues its growth soon it will be accountable for more than half of all the search queries on Google. I believe voice search have not reached their limit yet and will still be growing for quite some time.

#19. Mobile search represents 58% of the total

Mobile seach is leading although some think that the mobile users’s intent is different from desktop users. Mobile searches are mainly informative, entertaining and last minute purchases. Although no figure has supported this idea yet.

web traffic by device statistics

#20. 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page

Quality is Google´s main concern and ensures the right results are delivered to users, so quality content is the most important ranking factor, images, web speed, thorough quality articles

#21. 46% of all Google searches are local

One of the most notable Google algorithm updates was designed to give more relevance to local search results and as main users search intent is local, that is the reason why Google places so much importance on local searches.

My name is Felix Garcia, a freelance marketing consultant and number 1 marketing expert in London in Google, if you need help to optimize your PPC campaign or get your site rank higher in Google, I offer my humble but effective services to you at an affordable price.

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