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How to remove mobile phone devices from your Google Display campaign

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Google display campaigns can be an effective way of attracting affordable traffic to your site. Display campaigns are more effective when used as a remarketing strategy. There are several reasons why I would like to remove my ads from showing on small devices, for example, avoid using up all your busget on mobile phone app. You don't want a little boy paying a video game on his dad's phone to click on your ad.

It took me a little bit of time to figure this out as it is not straight forward feature on Google Ads

  • Go to your display/gmail campaign and click on devices
  • You will now see four different devices: phones, tvs, computers and tablets. And a lot of column with different features
  • Go to the bid adj column and click on the pen next to it
  • On the new small pop-up window, click on the arrow that says either increase or decrease and select decrease
  • On the box next to it enter -100%
  • Click save
  • Now you have remove all your ads to appear on those devices

If you need help with your Google Ads campaign, please feel free to drop a line.