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All the Advanced Structured Data Examples you need for SEO

What is structured data?

Structured data also known as Schema Markup is JSON data intended to help search engines understand and index your content. It was developed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex in an attempt to make information on the internet more available to users. Structured data is added to your HTML markup and usually helps search engines understand the content on your site. Also known as rich snippets, it helps display your content in a more effective way.

Below I have listed example of structured markup data ready to use for use, there are many different types but in this article, I am just sharing the most important ones: basic, contact point, article, video, book, breadcrumbs, job, product, recipe...

Types of structured data
  1. JSON-LD
  2. Microdata
  3. RDFA


Below there is a basic example of what correct structured markup should look like for a company, corporation or any organization. Copy and replace the dummy data for your detials and paste into the head of your site and you are ready to go.



If you want to add rich structured data for your articles on your site to rank higher on Google, add the code below to your article to make the most of them on search engines.



If you are selling products, services or have an e-commerce site, the code below is just perfect for you.




The example below is ready to use perfect example of a video schema markup. Make sure you replace the values for those of your site and video and you're ready to copy and paste into the your head’s site before the the opening body tag.



Recipes are very competetive fields to rank for on Google, but I am sure the code below will help your recipe post rank higher.



For writers or publisher who want to enhance their pages, I have added below a schema markup ready for you to use, just make sure you are replacing your values for the dummy text.



Breadcrumbs can make great user experience and help you increase your site and reduce bounce rate. They have become a key part of most websites when it comes to structured data, breadcrumbs would probably be one of the most important pieces. The main reason why they are so relevant for SEO is that they can appear in Google search results. These navigational links tell your visitors where they are on your site and at the same time they also help Google understands your site´s structure. Let’s take a look at how breadcrumbs can be implemented it into your site.


Corporate Contact

The code below is a sample to drop the customer service number of your organization. This is a great option for corporate or brochure website which offers services such as freelancers and contractors. It is a simple and straight-forward piece of code, readable to anyone even though you do not have coding experience. Just replace your phone number field and your URL company for the one below.

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Organization",
  "url": "",
  "contactPoint": [
    { "@type": "ContactPoint",
      "telephone": "+1-401-555-1212",
      "contactType": "customer service"



If you have pages which offer events, the code below is just ready for you to use. Just make sure you change the dummy text for your details.


Job Posting

If you are advertising job vacancies on your site, the following schema markup will be interesting and useful for you. This will not only help your content be understood by Google bots much easier but also it will give the opportunity to list your job for free and automatically on Google Jobs.


Occupational Structured Data

Similar to the one, although this is one is more about roles information such as salary, job description. Unlike the one above which is supposed to be for job posting, this is meant to be informative about a particular role.



How-to images

This is one will very useful and will help you increase traffic if done right. If you have a step-by-step tutorial on how to do something, this is snippet is a must. As it will help display your content on search engine along with your images. There are very few websites which are actually using this to enhance their content site on search engines which will give you more chance to rank higher.


Testing Tool

Structured data does not only help Google understand your site better, but it is also a very convenient way to classify your web content and deliver it to users. It will not increase your rankings but it will definitely help you get noticed. To ensure your structured data is correct and readable by Google search bots, they have created a structured data test tool where you can either test your snippets or your site´s URLs.

Test your rich structured data here.

I myself have struggle to find good examples of rich strucuted data to add to my site and help them improve their SEO score, that is the reason why I decided to make this post, to help everyone and make this easier. If you like the article, please share it, that would be very appreciated.

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