Data has become a very powerful tool today for marketers and marketing firms. Mainly because it is the closest way to predict markets behaviour and product success.

Thanks to the information technology revolution, companies and organizations have been empowered with tools to capture as much data as possible from their organizations and markets from consumer behaviour to employee satisfaction and well-being at work.

Since then they have understood that the potential of data is absolutely enormous. Companies do not need to delegate major decisions to intuition or trust their gut feelings. Data analytics has come into the scene to help make actionable decisions which are backed up by data, statistics and figures.

As a result, companies are required to interpret and tidy all this amount of data to a more visual and understandable way. The most notable sectors which benefit the most from the data revolution will be the financial and consumers product industries.

As a marketing consultant, I understand the power of data analytics and how much marketing will depend on it as well as artificial intelligence. That is the main reason why I decided to provide all my clients and web visitors with a list of the main data analytics companies in the United Kingdom

data analytics companies and market revenue

What is data analytics?

Data analysis refers to the process of inspecting, cleaning, modelling data to discover informed insights in order to arrive at a conclusion that will help the advancement of an organization towards its goals while supporting decision-making.

Data analysis can involve multiple aspects and diverse techniques such as data extraction, visualisation, cleaning and in some occasions it could even include data modelling and database architecture.

Data analysis firms in the U.K.

data analysis definition

Below I have listed the top data analysis companies in the United Kingdom. Please bear in mind the list below is completely uncommissioned and totally curated by me.

  • 1. Analytics & Data
  • 2. Deloitte
  • 3. Beyond Analysis
  • 4. Analytics 8
  • 5. DS Analytics
  • 6. Dufrain
  • 7. Adatis
  • 8. Halpenfield
  • 9. Data Reply
Analytics & Data

Analytics & Data as its own name suggests is as an analytics and data company with head office in London but operations covering the entire United Kingdom. It is a data analytics company which helps organizations to understand and leverage the power of their data so they can make informed decisions. It was born mainly as an agency to help businesses understand by creating powerful data visualization boards and a focus on understanding their business’ clients to be able to extract the most relevant data.

Data visualisation and reporting will become the most powerful decision-making method in the future and eventually companies will need a way to either implement this within their organization or to outsource this to companies such Analytics & Data, a specialist in data presentation and analysis that will empower organization decisions.


  1. Analytics consultancy
  2. Big Data Analytics & Data Warehousing
  3. Visual Analysis
  4. Advanced Analytics and Managed Services

Deloitte is more than just a data analytics company. With over 100 years of history, it was founded in London in 1845 by William Deloitte since then the consulting firm has grown enormously and currently it counts with over 300,000 specialists in their payroll and office all over the world. Deloitte is the largest professional services provider in the United Kingdom with over 20,000 partners and staff. Among its most relevant client, we can find FTSE 100 companies and many governmental organizations.

Its advisory services include audit, accountancy, tax, corporate finance and consulting. Deloitte has a long story and serves some of the most important companies in the world as well as consult governments and non-profit organizations. If you are running a small business, you might be thinking of hiring small boutique consulting firms but your company is growing fast and led by ambition, I am very confident Deloitte will outlive all your expectations.

Key Info

  1. CEO: Punit Renjen (1 Jun 2015–)
  2. Revenue: 46.2 billion USD (2019)
  3. Number of employees: 312,000 (2019)
  4. Founder: William Welch Deloitte
  5. Headquarters locations: New York, New York, United States, United States
  6. Subsidiaries: Monitor Deloitte, DCSH Limited, MORE


  1. Audit
  2. Consulting
  3. Financial advisory
  4. Risk advisory
  5. Tax and legal
  6. GovLab

Beyond Analysis

It is a data analytics company that, in their own words, helps organizations to use data to help our clients use data to drive efficiency gains and productivity as well as making successful and business improvements through better understanding their customers and operations. Their offer goes beyond analytics. It actually includes most of the services within the data industry: data visualization, analytics applications, data science, data operations.

In their own words: Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business. We are globally aligned, yet locally focused, in delivering advanced data solutions.​

Beyond helps their client to achieve their goals by delivering actionable data insight, creating software solutions for data analytics (including database design and architecture) and consulting services.

More than just data science, Beyond approaches the full spectrum of Big Data services, including cleaning, inspecting, and modelling of data and sound decision making. Data management requires several approaches to succeed in any project.


  1. Strategy: Data & Strategy Consulting
  2. Consulting: Data Science & Analytics
  3. Analytics Applications
  4. Data Visualisation

Analytics 8

As a data analytics company and with offices both in the United Kingdom and the United States, Analytics 8 is a small data analytics company with a big focus on data visualization and analysis of markets. They specialise in both traditional and modern data analytics methods and systems such as Python and Tableau.

Their services mainly revolve around analytics (analytics assessment, development and delivery) although they also cover wider sectors within the data industry – traditional data solutions such as data accelerators and application development. Analytics 8 experienced enormous success in New York which helped them expand their business operations to start another branch in London.

As a data company, their main slogan is to support organizations to translate their data into actionable information. Data science, data strategy and consultation are among their main services – cloud migration, data visualisation.


  1. Data Strategy and Architecture
  2. Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting
  3. Advanced Analytics and Data Science
  4. Data & Analytics Strategy

DS Analytics

This company is more of a data consulting firm however I thought it could be very handy to include it. Although their main specialism in consulting, they can also cover data analytics for your business if you require.

Their main services are data science training and consulting. DS Analytics can provide your organization with ongoing support for data analytics while at the same time, they can help to build data strategy and systems to have more efficient data processes within your company or team.

At the same time, if you need help with the hiring process, they can also find the right candidates and train them. Data scientists and analysts are very demanded today and you might struggle to put together the right team and who would be better to pick that team than a data analytics company with several years of experience.

However, where DS stands out the most is with the transitioning from older data technologies to newer ones, for example, moving your systems from R to Python.

Among their main clients, we can find some of the largest advertising corporations as well as the giant BBC or the newspaper The telegraph.


  1. Data Science Consulting
  2. Data Science Training & Support


It is a data science consulting company based in London and with multiple offices in the United Kingdom such as Manchester and Glasgow too. In their own words, Dufrain was born as a solopreneur with the ambition of working for himself Michael Gilmartin – born in Dublin – started this firm with a dream that became his destiny.

Their services cover most of those with the data analytics and big data industry: data management, integration, governance, migration, architecture among many others.

Plus they also offer some of the most demanded data services such as data analytics and data quality. Their mission is to help businesses manage and unlock true value from their data to clients across the UK Finance, Risk, Marketing and Operations sectors.




  1. Data management: data warehouse, data migration, strategy.
  2. Consulting
  3. Big Data
  4. Data quality


Adatis has been around for quite a long time and has offices in London, Surrey and Bulgaria. Rather than being just an analytics company as most of the other agencies above, Adatis is more of a data science and development company with expertise on data architecture, strategy and artificial intelligence, data warehouse and obviously analytics.

If you are looking to reach your data development and implementation goals, Adatis would be a great choice for your company as they will help you improve decision-making, discovering innovation, transformation and implementing informed growth.

Data architecture could be a lengthy and costly process from which your company, in the long term, will benefit greatly. Design and building the optimal database structure and processing system for your business goals involve planning, analysing and preparing your current system from the migration and transformation, Adatis would help you apply best practices and make the most from your technology and budget.

Things like cloud-based or on-premises, or hybrid data architecture could be daunted if you are not surrounded by the right team. Find out more on Adatis on their website.




  1. Data Strategy and Architecture
  2. Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting
  3. Advanced Analytics and Data Science
  4. Data & Analytics Strategy


Based in Milton Keynes, Halpenfield was founded in 2004 as a data analytics and BI specialist company. It possesses a team of experienced data professionals to help you design, build and manage all your analytics tasks and build reports to make successful solutions and predict results about the needs of your company.

In a society that is adopting a data-driven culture, empowering companies with tools and solutions to discover smart data insights, to build data reporting and collaborative analytics.

Among their most demanded services, Halpenfield covers the main data analytics departments such as visualisation, insights and extraction of data.


  1. Analytics consultancy
  2. Big Data Analytics & Data Warehousing
  3. Visual Analysis
  4. Advanced Analytics and Managed Services

Data Reply

Based in London but with multiple offices spread all over the world, Data Reply could become a strong partner for your data needs. Part of the Reply Group, the company provides with the full spectrum of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services, it also works across multiple industries and operations levels by collaborating closely with executive professionals with their client’s organization and main officers which ultimately delivers more meaningful results through effective use of data.

Data Reply supports organizations in building AI-powered data solutions built with a human orientation to turn projects into effective enterprise products.


Data Reply


  1. Analytics consultancy
  2. Big Data Analytics & Data Warehousing
  3. Visual Analysis
  4. Advanced Analytics and Managed Services

How data analytics company work?

Data analytics companies might have to deal with more than just analysing and creating visual dashboards of data for their clients to understand their business, to make it easier to understand, I have posted below an infographic on how data analytics companies work.

data analytics companies statistics

Complete list of data consulting firms

If you are looking for a data consulting firms, below I have listed all the companies that offer consulting services.

NameWebsite LinkServices Analytics Companies
LETOweareleto.comData Analytics Companies
Hex Digitalhexdigital.comData and Digital Landscape
AnalogFolkanalogfolk.comData Analytics Companies
Aumcoreaumcore.comBrand Strategy
Ayimaayima.comPPC social/Search
B-Reelb-reel.comData Analytics Companies
Beyondbynd.comContent analytics
Big & Content Marketing
Blast Radiusblastradius.comData Analytics Companies social media
Brassbrassagency.comData Analytics Companies
Click Analytics Companies
Codecodecomputerlove.comData Analytics Companies
Critical Massc riticalmass.comService Design
Crowdthisiscrowd.comBuild right audience
Dare Digitalthisisdare.comDigital experiences
Decibel Digitaldecibeldigital.comData Analytics Companies
Deletedeleteagency.comProduct Creation
Deloitte Digitaldeloittedigital.comData Analytics Companies
Digital web design
Digitas LBidigitaslbi.comInsight & brand building digital campaigns, creativity. innovation
EnVeritas Groupenveritasgroup.comData Analytics Companies
Epic New, build & promote Analytics Companies Analytics Companies
Frank Analytics Companies
Fullsixfullsixuk.comDigital technology
Geometry Globalgeometry.comData Analytics Companies
Headheadlondon.comResponsive design
Headstreamheadstream.comData Analytics Companies UK
Strategy, creativity
Holitionholition.comLuxury Marketing agency
Hugehugeinc.comFull-service digital
Hugo & Cathugoandcat.comStrategy
IgnitionCreative ignitioncreative.netStorytelling with technology
Impactimpactdigital.marketingPPC & Content
Jaywingjaywing.comDigital Problem Solvers Analytics Companies UK
Kolab Digitalkolabdigital.comResearch and insights.
Konbiniagency.konbini.comContent agency
Latitudelatitudegroup.comData Analytics Companies
Less Analytics Companies
LETOweareleto.comData Analytics Companies UK
Lowe Proferonloweprofero.comDigital media
Mars Spidersmarsspiders.comContent, mobile, strategy
MintTwistminttwist.comCreative & strategy
MRM McCANNmrm-mccann.comStrategy, creative & tech
Nomadsnomadsagency.comBrand, advertising
Optimusoptimus-pm.comE-commerce growth and sales
ORMormlondon.comData and insights
Pancentric Digitalpancentric.comStrategic consulting
Performicsperformics.comPerformance Media
Pokepokelondon.comData Analytics Companies UK
Possiblepossible.comInsights, mobile.
Precedentprecedent.comDigital, brand and print
PS marketing
R/GArga.comContent & insights
Rappuk.rapp.comData Analytics Companies UK
Razorfishrazorfish.comExperience Design
Roll Analytics Companies UK
Rubik Analytics Companies
Rufus Leonardrufusleonard.comBrand vision
SapientNitrosapientnitro.comStorytelling design & build.
Soho Strategysohostrategy.comDevelop strategies
Somosomoglobal.comData Analytics Companies
Soonthisissoon.comStrategic thinking
Spotless Research
Stinkdigitalstinkdigital.comData Analytics Companies UK
Studio Graphenestudiographene.comDigital strategy
Super naturalwearesupernatural.comRich media advertising
SWC Partnershipswcpartnership.comData Analytics Companies
Tangent Snowballtangentsnowball.comData, strategy, technology transformation
The growth strategies
The BIO Agencythebioagency.comCustomer insights
TH_NKthink.euDigital transformation agency
Think Jamthinkjam.comLong-term strategic planning.
Tokyotokyo.ukDigital/social strategy
Twentysixtwentysixdigital.comDigital strategy
UXB Londonuxblondon.comData Analytics Companies
Webpopulationwebpopulation.comData Analytics Companies Analytics Companies
Your Favourite Storyyourfavouritestory.comContent
Zest PPC

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